New Media and the Public Sphere

As I write this, I’m sitting at the airport waiting for my flight to Copenhagen where I will attend the New Media and the Public Sphere conference. A great line up of people are scheduled to speak on how changing social networks are impacting discourse in the public sphere.

Of course, my primary interest is news media and on the 9th I’ll be presenting my research on participatory journalism at the CBC.

Throughout the conference, which runs November 8th through 9th, I’ll be live blogging keynotes and panel discussions, as well as anything else I find interesting. Since I use the free version of WordPress I can’t embed my ScribbleLive blog, but you can link to it here. Remember, it won’t be up till November 8th.

You can also watch or participate in the conference online.

Really looking forward to my trip and meeting a few of the people I used as references in my work–not looking forward to the fact I won’t be able to follow incoming American election results as I cross the pond!


2 thoughts on “New Media and the Public Sphere

  1. Being unable to attend the entire conference, I think your live-blogging will be a great resource for me – and of course also for others in the same situation as me. Looking forward to it! -Aske

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