#NMPS2012: Public spheres, public spaces, and “shit storms”

  1. On November 8th and 9th in Denmark, academics from around the world, including me, congregated at the University of Copenhagen for the New Media and the Public Sphere conference.
  2. NicoleBlanchett
    Just arrived at University of Copenhagen for #NMPS2012 – beautiful campus http://pic.twitter.com/2AUhDQgl

    Wed, Nov 07 2012 23:52:57
  3. Topics ranged from how a teen’s birthday party in the Netherlands turned into a massive riot and mass media spectacle, to studies of the use of social media during the uprising in Egypt. And in keeping with the theme, conference organizers worked hard to ensure that even those who couldn’t be in the room could take part online, and follow along through social media tools like Twitter.
  4. AskeKammer
    3 ways to follow the #NMPS2012 conf. at a distance: live-blogging @ http://www.scribblelive.com/Event/New_Media_and_the_Public_Sphere, hash-tag & streaming video @ http://cemes.ku.dk/newmedia/live_stream/.

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:31
  5. jsaxo
    RT @NicoleBlanchett: 1st speaker at #NMPS2012 is Hans-Jorg Trenz from University of Copenhagen – New Media Power: The Internet as a Sphere of Democratic Politics

    Thu, Nov 08 2012 00:42:14
  6. Trenz opened up the conference with one of my favourite observations from the entire event. He described how what we do on the Internet is “borderless” and it’s hard to calibrate who is listening when we speak. Trenz said, as a result, we are always only a few steps away from “here” to a “shit storm” while practicing discourse online.Then Zizi Papacharissi took to the podium to talk about the use of social media during the uprising in Egypt.
  7. AskeKammer
    At #NMPS2012, @zizip says both old & new news values (ambience, crowdsourcing, intense instantaneity) were used covering #egypt on Twitter.

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:31
  8. eveliendh
    Twitter as a form of affective news @zizip #NMPS2012

    Thu, Nov 08 2012 01:33:15
  9. NicoleBlanchett
    Zizi responding to question:”I don’t know what democracy on Twitter means” content, context, variety of publics-hard to generalize #NMPS2012

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:31
  10. pverdegem
    (again) Very good talk by @zizip reflecting on interesting analysis on #OWS & #Egypt #NMPS2012

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:31
  11. zizip
    4 those who asked, the slides to my keynote yesterday, on Affective Publics http://www.slideshare.net/zizipapacharissi/affective-publics-u-of-copenhagen … #NMPS2012

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:24
  12. Then it was time for panel presentations.
  13. NicoleBlanchett
    Next Democracy & the online public sphere – first up Asminia Michailidou – Speaking re online media & political crisis in Greece #NMPS2012

    Thu, Nov 08 2012 02:35:05
  14. zizip
    A. Michailidou tracks innovation in coordination/participation of Greek indignados,points 2 importance of political entrepreneurs #nmps2012

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:30
  15. NicoleBlanchett
    Michailidou: “Twitter is not the medium for deliberation” not enough space-people point to debates/bring attention to other media #NMPS2012

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:29
  16. mayra_marques
    From Greece to Egypt to Germany – so many interesting presentations! #NMPS2012

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:29
  17. Among the tweets on content, some context from Bangor University’s Dyfrig Jones:
  18. dyfrig
    I’m giving a paper at #nmps2012 At home, I’m of average height. Here I’m like a celtic dwarf amongst scandinavian giants.

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:30
  19. And speaking of context, one of the big take-aways from this conference, for me, will be thinking more carefully about the full picture when it comes to analyzing events through the lens of social media.  That was clearly addressed by both Ahmad Kamal from the University of Western Ontario and Nina Mollerup from Roskilde University.
  20. NicoleBlanchett
    Kamal: we can talk about Internet but real media circulating in #egypt even now is cassette tapes #NMPS2012 – private channels

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:30
  21. NicoleBlanchett
    Mollerup: need to stop using terms online and offline – “it’s not the matrix” #NMPS2012 – need to move past this dichotomy

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:30
  22. lilltrasan
    Woho – no more online/ offline dichotomy #NMPS2012

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:30
  23. zizip
    Mollerup:(re)claiming control of public space,(re)claiming control of public info central 2 formation of public narratives-Egypt #nmps2012

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:29
  24. lilltrasan
    now it is time for C. Neumayer @nechri to present on anti-fascist activists “Beyond Consensus #NMPS2012

    Thu, Nov 08 2012 03:34:24
  25. NicoleBlanchett
    @nechri counterpublics can monitor each other more easily because of online media – “cross-ideological confrontation” #NMPS2012

    Thu, Nov 08 2012 03:47:06
  26. NicoleBlanchett
    A lot of discussion on what qualifies as a counter public #NMPS2012

    Thu, Nov 08 2012 04:07:14
  27. zizip
    #nmps2012 next up: @peter_dahlgren on the political web

    Thu, Nov 08 2012 05:35:01
  28. Peter Dahlgren’s keynote on counter-democracy and civic identities on the web drew many comments.
  29. lilltrasan
    #NMPS2012 subjective feeling as citizen important according to peter dahlgren

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:28
  30. NicoleBlanchett
    @peter_dahlgren: “pissed off” by talk of social media revolution – people are the ones who take action #NMPS2012

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:28
  31. mayra_marques
    Dahlgren: Pessimism and optimism is not only subjective but also biochemical. #NMPS2012 — so true!

    Thu, Nov 08 2012 06:43:26
  32. dyfrig
    A clear-eyed, balanced and engaging keynote by Peter Dahlgren at #nmps2012

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:27
  33. Suminas
    Great keynote address by @peter_dahlgren at #NMPS2012

    Thu, Nov 08 2012 06:20:57
  34. And thanks to Aske Kammer for pointing out that some other Peter Dahlgren was probably trying to figure out all the mentions while Dahlgren was speaking 🙂
  35. AskeKammer
    To the people at #NMPS2012: hate to say it, but I’m pretty sure @ peter_dahlgren is not the Peter Dahlgren who’s at the conference…

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:28
  36. The interactivity of the conference was a highlight for me; no one was tweeting into the wind.
  37. kimfox
    WATCHING: #NMPS2012 New media & the public sphere. University of Copenhagen Int Conference. Program looks fascinating: http://cemes.ku.dk/newmedia/

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:28
  38. ChronCulture
    Agenda: And don’t forget the “New Media and the Public Sphere” conference, at the University of Copenhagen. #NMPS2012 http://www.chronculture.com/index.php/en/news/agenda/218-communication-and-media-law/2082-new-media-and-the-public-sphere

    Fri, Nov 09 2012 06:00:12
  39. jsource
    .@NicoleBlanchett is liveblogging from new media and public sphere conference in Copenhagen. Follow along! http://bit.ly/Ubw4KW #NMPS2012

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:27
  40. Geek_Zero
    She doesn’t tweet often, but when she does… #DuckAndCover. @NicoleBlanchett

    Thu, Nov 08 2012 08:56:52
  41. s_t_e_v_e_jones
    #NMPS2012 thanks to those posting and keeping those of us not there informed of talks and conversations

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:23
  42. Next, a few highlights from the afternoon panel on democracy and the online public sphere. Presenting were Martin Danielsson of Halmstad University, Andreea Mogos of Babe-Bolyai University, Eduard Minobis from Unviersitat Oberta de Catalunya, and Filipe Pais from the University of Porto.
  43. MoraisRicardo
    RT @NicoleBlanchett: Interesting- Danielsson found participation in mainstream media seen as more important than sites anyone can participate in #NMPS2012

    Thu, Nov 08 2012 07:27:13
  44. NicoleBlanchett
    Mogos: subjects in study only talked about positives of Internet, didn’t consider negative ie. privacy until were asked about it #NMPS2012

    Thu, Nov 08 2012 07:49:57
  45. NicoleBlanchett
    Minobis: examined tweets of Lady Gaga & soccer player Piqué, found celebrities now expected to share private with public #NMPS2012

    Thu, Nov 08 2012 08:07:24
  46. NicoleBlanchett
    Pais quoting Beaudreille:Today “there is a pornography of information”-eye candy is image, code is what lies underneath. Discuss:) #NMPS2012

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:23
  47. NicoleBlanchett
    Very interesting conversation about what “virtually there” means at #NMPS2012

    Thu, Nov 08 2012 08:35:13
  48. NicoleBlanchett
    Pais clarifies, I’m online writing to my friends I’m physically there-audience member disagrees- Pais,I need my body to be online #NMPS2012

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:27
  49. While on the topic of “being there”, being online to participate in a conference is a great option, but it’s what happens outside the presentation rooms that often make the trip worthwhile.
  50. montell_bay
    Big fail that there is no sound on the discussion in the coffee break taking part between Papacharissi, Dahlgren and Van Dijk #NMPS2012

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:26
  51. Day 2 of the conference proved just as interesting. It was kicked off by Jan Van Dijk from the University of Twente – and his analysis of how social media, and media in general, played a part in a would-be birthday party in the Netherlands that erupted into a violent riot causing millions in damage.
  52. NicoleBlanchett
    Van Dijk: is Facebook/Twitter responsible for Haren party-mass media for hyping it?Those are questions being asked in Netherlands #NMPS2012

    Fri, Nov 09 2012 01:53:34
  53. NicoleBlanchett
    Van Dijk: prefers term public space over public sphere, will be focusing on blurred lines between public & private space #NMPS2012

    Fri, Nov 09 2012 01:04:26
  54. Geek_Zero
    @MrGoulet21 Look it up. #FlashMob “@NicoleBlanchett movie Project X inspired the events in Haren-mobilization. #NMPS2012”

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:26
  55. AsiminaMi
    RT @NicoleBlanchett: Van Dijk: extreme connectivity, exceptionally fast growth of networked/social media, speeds up all societal processes #NMPS2012

    Fri, Nov 09 2012 01:34:24
  56. NicoleBlanchett
    Van Dijk: getting attention is overarching goal of new public space – broadcasters and individuals alike #NMPS2012

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:25
  57. NicoleBlanchett
    RT Ancuta Tarta – van Dijk: Habermas’s concept of the public sphere is completely outdated, and always was far from reality #NMPS2012

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:26
  58. Two concurrent panels ran next. The first on cultural production in the digital age with presentations from Raluca-Nicoleta Radu from the University of Bucharest, Kevin Wisniewski from the University of Maryland, and Genta Furusawa from Kyushu University in Japan.
  59. NicoleBlanchett
    Radu: int’l study found journalists think major problem is following the herd due to pressure of competing w/ other newsrooms #NMPS2012

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:25
  60. AsiminaMi
    RT @NicoleBlanchett: Wisniewski: If the crowd is a consumer…is the protest a spectacle? #NMPS2012

    Fri, Nov 09 2012 03:39:00
  61. NicoleBlanchett
    Wisniewski:what does it mean to occupy a space? Do you have to be physically present? We’re looking at protests in outdated forms #NMPS2012

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:25
  62. NicoleBlanchett
    Furusawa: Japanese newspaper book reviews less than criticism more than PR -online reviews haven’t replaced traditional as of yet #NMPS2012

    Fri, Nov 09 2012 03:55:42
  63. I also presented in the group above, you can see my presentation here. The other panel discussed democracy and the online public sphere, including presenter Evelien D’Heer from Ghent University.
  64. zizip
    D’heer-very interesting paper on tweeting and viewing TV-I personally can no longer do the latter w/out combining it with former #NMPS2012

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:25
  65. That afternoon began with a keynote from Anders Henten from Aalborg University.
  66. ancuta_t
    keynote by A. Henten on open vs. closed standards, and the implications for new media #NMPS2012

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:25
  67. zizip
    open standards do not necessarily promote the development of greater variety and quality of new media, says Henten #NMPS2012

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:24
  68. frontiersci
    RT @NicoleBlanchett: Henten: It’s a matter of business models more than a matter of open vs closed standards #NMPS2012

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:24
  69. The last parallel session I attended was Net neutrality and public participation. Here are a few highlights from John Boyle of the University of Liverpool, Bjarki Valtysson from the University of Copenhagen, Dyfrig Jones from Bangor University, and conference organizer Ancuta Tarta from the University of Copenhagen:
  70. NicoleBlanchett
    Boyle: democratic deficit in these proceedings re ACTA treaty -old media failed to cover, new media covered extensively #NMPS2012

    Fri, Nov 09 2012 07:03:49
  71. NicoleBlanchett
    Valtysson feels everyone concentrates on “old” Habermas – says Habermas has answered critics updated work #NMPS2012

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:23
  72. NicoleBlanchett
    Valtysson: re Internet control/regulation – it’s about power and politics and money #NMPS2012

    Fri, Nov 09 2012 08:26:48
  73. NicoleBlanchett
    Jones: UK public broadcasters treat Internet as if it is “exactly like TV but different box” #NMPS2012

    Fri, Nov 09 2012 07:40:23
  74. dyfrig
    These notes are a slightly more coherent version of the paper that I gave at #NMPS2012 http://note.io/WKEArT

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:22
  75. syamant
    RT @zizip: Important q: How public is space, when owned by a private company? asks Ancuta Tarta #NMPS2012

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:21
  76. Meanwhile, tweets from the other panel on cultural production in the digital age were also coming in. Speakers included Elena Abrudan from Babes-Bolyai University and Martina Mahnke from the University of Erfurt.
  77. mezaradu
    Abrudan: Likes and sharing are ways of commenting on visual new media art products. #nmps2012

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:23
  78. zizip
    neat paper by Mahnke on personalization of algorithms,cites D. Gunkel in suggesting we consider algorithms as communicative other #NMPS2012

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:22
  79. mezaradu
    Mahnke: we should look at algorithms as a communicative other #NMPS2012. almost makes me feel skynet paranoia 😛

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:22
  80. NicoleBlanchett
    That’s a wrap! Great conference. #NMPS2012

    Fri, Nov 09 2012 09:00:23
  81. zizip
    Thanks everyone,incl KB Jensen, HJ Trenz esp. Ancuta Tarta for such a great conference #NMPS2012 – it was great! #NMPS2012

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:21
  82. ancuta_t
    had no time to tweet last night, but thank you all for making this a great conference, and hope to see you at future events! #NMPS2012

    Sun, Nov 11 2012 01:24:21
  83. And that’s a window into the New Media and the Public Sphere conference – great presentations and discussions, big thinking, and no shit storms. I think Habermas would approve.

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