My name is Nicole Blanchett. I’m a journalism professor at Toronto Metropolitan University.

Nicole Blanchett sitting on a wooden structure outside of Toronto Metropolitan University


I contribute to a number of publications, such as J-Source (The Canadian Journalism Project), and have a number of research projects on the go, including the international  Journalistic Role Performance project (JRP). The goal of the JRP project is to  explore the gap between traditional journalistic values and actual practice. I’m the principal investigator for the Canadian JRP team.

Prior to joining the academic  universe, I worked at Citytv in Toronto for about ten years, mostly as a news show producer and writer. This blog started as a platform for my Master’s research and evolved as I completed my PhD. Blogs related to my research are all posted within this site, along with links to my final theses (see the “Research” section).

My recent publications include an article in Digital Journalism, Participative Gatekeeping: The Intersection of News, Audience Data, Newsworkers, and Economics, and Quantifying Quality: Negotiating Audience Participation and the Value of a Digital Story at NRK in Journalism Practice. My previous work on the relationship between journalists and their audience/co-content producers greatly influences my current research; I’m keenly interested in participatory journalism and its impact on mainstream media and public discourse. My goal with this site is to create a conversation about the use of metrics and analytics, audience engagement and partnerships, convergence, centralized ownership, and the future of journalism. Any comments posted may be used in future academic papers, articles, or conference presentations. Thanks for dropping in!




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