Consent Form

Some of the comments posted may be used in my final thesis, in academic papers, or at conferences. If I do choose to use your comment I will e-mail you the form below to gain your consent. Thanks for participating!


My name is Nicole Blanchett Neheli and this research project is part of the requirement for a Master of Arts in Professional Communication at Royal Roads University.  My credentials with Royal Roads University can be established by telephoning Jennifer Wallinga,  Program Head – MA Professional Communication, School of Communication and Culture, 250 391 2600, ext. 4869.

This document constitutes an agreement to participate in my research project, the objective of which is to explore the impact of the Internet and web 2.0 technologies on broadcast journalism and how relationships could be built between traditional journalists and independent media to improve discourse in the public sphere.

The research will consist of observation of specific news departments, a review of website and television broadcast content, particularly content with audience interaction, interviews with journalists and independent media creators, interaction with the public at large on a website created for this thesis, and an ongoing literature review. On site research in newsrooms will last approximately one shift in each department visited. The foreseen questions will refer to how each individual’s job has changed, or was created, as a result of the need to participate in two-way communication with the audience, how this new relationship is impacting the quality/creation of news content, predictions about how jobs/news coverage may change in the future, and suggestions on how, or if, independent media should be incorporated into the framework of public television.

There are no known or anticipated risks to you by participating in this research.

Information will be recorded in hand-written format and/or audio/video taped interviews, and, where appropriate, summarized, in anonymous format, in the body of the final report and on the research website. At no time will any specific comments be attributed to any individual unless specific agreement has been obtained beforehand.  All documentation will be kept strictly confidential.

In addition to submitting my final report to Royal Roads University in partial fulfillment for a Master of Arts, I will share my research findings publicly on the aforementioned website, and, potentially in academic articles and conference presentations. A copy of my thesis project will be published, housed at Royal Roads University, available online through UMI/Proquest and the Theses Canada portal and will be publicly accessible. Access and distribution will be unrestricted.

You are not compelled to participate in this research project. If you do choose to participate, you are free to withdraw at any time without prejudice. If you choose to withdraw your participation in this project, you must e-mail with the subject line “WITHDRAWING PARTICIPATION”. Any data collected from your participation will be removed from the research website and erased from all databases. However, there is no guarantee that data already posted on the website will not have been copied or cited by someone else.

Similarly, if you choose not to participate in this research project, this information will also be maintained in confidence.

You may contact the researcher of this project at 905-845-9430 ext. 2417, or the aforementioned email address.

By replying to this email and agreeing to the terms outlined above, you give free and informed consent to participate in this project.



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